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Local pickup: I am based in Canberra, ACT. Local pickup is most welcome. Please PM me to arrange a pickup time.
- If you wish to combine shipping please let me know before fabric cutting occurs.
- Please ensure that your paypal shipping address is correct when you pay your invoice.
Please note that prices are approximate, shipping overages will be refunded.
Small satchel - $8: under 500g, 1 meter of fabric
Medium satchel - $13: under 3kg, up to 5 meters of fabric
Large satchel - $16: under 5kg, up to 10 meters of fabric.
At this stage we will be shipping internationally. Shipping will be invoiced separately in to order to provide the most accurate price.
**IMPORTANT** AUSPOST has increased their pricing structure. All package prices below are with tracking included.
New Zealand (Approximate guide only)
1) Up to 500g - $20 (1m) 2) over 500g up to 1kg - $33 (2.5m)
3) over 1kg up to 1.5kg - $37 (4m)
4) over 1.5kg up to 2kg - $42 (5m)
United States and Canada (Approximate guide only current to 24/10/16)
1 meter is approximately 360g.
1) up to 500g - $24 (1.1m)
2) 501g up to 1kg - $42 (2.5m)
3) over 1kg up to 1.5kg -$53 (4m)
4) over 1.5kg up to 2kg - $65 (5m)
5) over 2kg to 2.5kg - $68 (6.5m)
6) over 2.5kg to 3kg - $73 (8m)
United Kingdom (Approximate guide only)
Small satchel (Up to 500g) - 1m fabric $29
Medium satchel (Up to 1kg) - 2.5m fabric $52
Large satchel (Up to 2kg) 4m fabric $68