**Please note that if you combine retail and pre-order fabrics, your order will not be shipped until the all items are in stock**
General Fabric pre-orders
Will be open until fabric arrives to me, or until sold out. Any remaining meterage will then be marked up to retail price. Typical time frame is approximately 4 weeks from date of listing.
Custom Print
Timeline for Orders: - Pre-orders will be open for approximately 2 weeks, however this will be expended if strike offs are still pending, or if there are unavoidable circumstances.
  • After pre-orders have closed, printing production takes approximately up 8 weeks to complete (dependent though on amount ordered and fabric bases produced).
  • Shipping to me takes approximately 1 week.
  • Cutting will commence as soon as fabric has been received. Please allow up to 2 weeks.
Conservative estimate is 8-12 weeks from end of pre-order to shipment of fabric to you.